STARV2 otherwise known as STARv2 is a OmniChain token created by the StarSeeds Protocol.STARv2 is the center of a growing ecosystem of numerous tokens and hundreds of liquidity pairings across dozens of DEXs that use the cutting edge of flywheel incentivization, automated arbitrage trading, small cap gem evaluations, technical analysis, and autocompounding on chain managed V3 LP tokens as LP tokens that are combined with STARv2.These automated Decentralized Finance (DeFi) mechanisms work alongside a fee on transfer/trade to create constant trading volume and trading fee revenue from automated trading made profitable by natural market movements creating price deviations within the growing STARv2 LP ecosystem.These automatic revenue streams are used to place incentives for voters to direct emissions to STARV2 Liquidity Pools, which then increase APR returns for liquidity providers, which direct more liquidity, which increases the revenues generated from automated trading, which increases the amount of fees available for incentives for the next epoch. And so on.Furthermore 100% of the money from the ongoing sale of STARv2 goes directly into a DAO managed treasury purposed with growing the STARV2 ecosystem by taking compounding governance stakes and liquidity holdings with partnered DEX protocols that host STARv2 ecosystem pairings.The StarSeeds DAO run STARv2 Omnichain treasury acts as a force multiplier to the automated trading flywheel of flywheels mechanisms to create a thriving ecosystem that stimulates increasing buying pressure and reduced supply for STARV2 tokens.Use your STARv2 to earn up to 500% APR in STARV2 Liquidity Pools or to mint NFTs with direct financial utility - a stream of market trade-able tokens, distributed hourly to holders. A multi-generational revenue stream attached to virtual items secured by the power of blockchain technology.

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